Friday, 14 November 2008


It was my first time in Istanbul, and I fell absolutely in love with the city. it is truely amazing. the first two pics are wet wipes that you get in alot of fish restaurants.

really posh eating at Ulus 29. these were our artistic and very well tasting deserts. Ill also recomend Abracadabra "where art meets design meets food" the fish was fantastic.

I got turkish delights everynight at my hotel in this cute little box.

New York

I didnt take alot of pictures in New York as I spent most of my time there in pain or at the dentist. but I did buy a new camera so the quality of my pictures will improve from now on.

Oysters and fish on a walnut, spinach and lentil warm salad at Baltazar, Soho. fantastic.

Vegan restaurant Wild Ginger in Brooklyn. even more fantastic.

a night in the supermarket...

These ones are absolutely hilarious! they are fruit soups and juices. I want to do more ressearch on them to find out who did the illustrations and how old they are.

this is fermented fish in a tin, apparently the smell is so fierce when you open the tin that you have to do it under water. the Swedes loves to eat it for some reason. I like the red wolf.

Everything is just more sexy in Paris...

okay, Im back! I have a million pics to post, Ill start with the rest of the Paris pictures, followed by Swedish supermarkets update, New York and then last, Istanbul.

Gap/Collette-pop-up-store-in-New-York-mints-aka-the-most fashionable-mints-around