Friday, 22 May 2009

Polish greatness.

Okay here we go! back in London and enjoying the cultural diversity as much as possible! Im gonna start off with my new favorite. The Polish supermarket on Thomas' street. It is amazing! Love all the cute little girls and faces, and off course the cow graphic and the all over pint of beer print. They have biscuits pick n mix as well. fantastic. 

M&S 125 year and The Deli on Red Church Street

M&S is celebrating 125 year in business which the are doing with this amazing new line of retro graphics and products that makes you want to splurge out. Sorry for the poor photo quality, will see if I can sneak some better ones over the weekend which also includes more products.

Was working in Red Church Street last week and a new lovely deli/eatery opened up. Really nice decor and very well priced food, not so many great food packaging products but did like the soft colour palette and clean graphics of the Artisan breakfast products.

The organic corner shop (and the next door Turkish one)

So on the other corner there is a very nice organic shop with a little cafe, a next door to that a really great and well stocked Turkish shop where I found the amazing cow and bull graphic. Love the cultural diversity of London!

This remind me off the Swedish dairy free dairy products that I posted last year. 

The Chinese corner shop.

There is an amazing chinese shop around the corner of my street. I have not posted many chinese products in the past, but will defiantly keep popping into this one for updates... if I can manage to face the live eels that they keep in a tank on the floor again that is. 
my absolutely favorite is the chrysanthemum drink. think I might try it out actually.

Just starting off with a swedish egg graphic.

Japanese center

Have an obsession with egg graphics at the moment. don't know why. 
A little bit different, but just thought this foot scrub packaging was so cute!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Chinese presents from Amsterdam

Ella and Will brought be some presents from Amsterdam for me to blog. I have loads more pics from my phone to blog, but I recently got a new laptop and for some reason I can't get my bluetooth working. hopefully I will figure it out soon.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Back in London

Had a housewarming party yesterday and off course I had to make a vodka jelly. it was quite hard finding a vegetarian jelly, but when I did it was in very nice packaging as well.

made a carrot cake for Thomas the other day. It was nice.